Kideyez™ Genie Glasses (Blue Light Blocking)


Protect your kid’s eyes today from harmful digital blue light!

The Kideyez™ Anti-Blue Light and UV filtering technology rids of your children’s headaches, eye strain, and bad sleeping patterns from harmful blue light and UV waves.

Kideyez™ cutting edge lenses are designed and engineered to block or absorb blue light and UV light, from getting through the eyes. Which means when you look at a screen, particularly in the dark it effectively eliminates blue light waves that can damage your eyes and keep you awake.

Help boost your child’s ability both on-screen and off-screen with Kideyez™ Genie Glasses today!


The #1 Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

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Blue Light Fighting Lenses

Kideyez™ Genie Glasses help filter out 99% of those harmful blue light wavelengths to ensure optimal eye health and protection at all times especially when our children are staring at our digital screens most especially in the dark, protecting their sleep patterns so that it is not disrupted in any way.

Promotes eye health and continuous sleep patterns.

Maximize your child’s potential off-screen and on-screen with Kideyez™ Genie Glasses. Designed to boost their continuous sleeping patterns at night by protecting them from the sleep-cycle disruption caused by harmful blue light waves driven by their prolonged digital screen usage while promoting the circadian rhythm sleeping cycles despite on-screen activities during the night.

Amazing reasons to have Kideyez™

  • Facilitates healthy sleeping patterns
  • Trendy and innovative BL/UV Lens Filtering Technology
  • Block 99% of harmful UV and Blue light from getting through the eyes
  • Relieve eye strain from using digital screens
  • Facilitates self-healing
  • Backed by the experience of 11,232 customers

Product Details

  • Eyewear Shape: Round
  • Brand: Kideyez™ Genie Glasses
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Lens: Transparent
  • Age: 3-12 years old

Innovatively crafted and designed at an affordable price.

Kideyez™ envision and promote children’s eye health and safety as there is an ever-growing risk of eye damage caused by long term use of phones, tablets and computer screens in our digital age.

Utilizing high end technology to produce Kideyez™ Genie Glasses, many children now are now able to navigate through their devices safely without the risk of eye health damage and degeneration while ensuring affordability and great value for money spent.

Trendy Premium Color and Design for your kids.

Kideyez™ Genie Glasses trendy and colorful designed eyeglass frames crafted specially for children will be surely loved by your kids. Ergonomic eye frames are engineered to ensure maximum comfortability and wearability even after long hours of sustained use.

With Kideyez™ Genie Glasses, you can say hello to healthier and robust eye health!

Low maintenance. One Size fits all.

Kideyez™ Genie Glasses are non-prescription glasses made to fit all children ages 3-11. This ensures minimum to zero maintenance as well as it is a cost and effective protection option for your kid’s eye health and safety.
With Kideyez™ Genie Glasses, you can say goodbye to headache of buying other expensive blue light protection glasses!

Melatonin promoting Eyeglasses.

When the sun sets, the lack of light signals triggers our bodies to start producing melatonin, the hormone responsible for making us sleep. While exposure to any light waves at night delays the production of melatonin by our bodies, blue light waves can be particularly problematic because they keep us alert. The Kideyez™ Genie Glasses ensure that our kids get the normal stimulation and production of melatonin even with their on-screen activities during night!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Blue Light?
All the visible light we humans see represents the entire spectrum of the rainbow, from red to purple. There are blue light waves within that spectrum, which are said to keep us alert and upbeat.

Any source of visible light emits blue light waves, whether it’s the sun, the touchscreen or the light bulb. Every day, we get a lot of blue light waves from the sun, however after dark, we ‘re still exposed to it from a lot of artificial light sources.

Is it bad to stare at the screen for hours every day?
The short answer – It’s likely.

Digital eye strain is a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, phone and tablet use according to the American Optometric Association.

By staring at screens all day, we’re also exposed to blue light waves, which are said to cause a myriad of eye issues. Doctors and researchers are in agreement that it does affect your circadian rhythm. These risks are effectively eliminated with the use of the innovative Kideyez™ Genie Glasses.

Delivery of Kideyez™

Dispatch time just takes usually around 2-3 business days. For all orders in the US, we are delighted to inform you that delivery is quick and received within 5-8 business days and 8-15 business days for other nations once they are dispatched. We work with major couriers and postal services worldwide to ship your orders, for example, USA (FedEx/USPS), Canada (Canada Post), United Kingdom (RoyalMail), Australia (Australia Post/Fastway), etc.

You can locate the estimated delivery date on the checkout page and on your confirmation email next to the delivery method of your choice.


1328 Reviews

Kathryn M.
“During times like these and our children being exposed to blue light, these glasses are perfect for virtual e-classes”

Jeannie P.
“Amazing Product! Works as advertised. Very recommendable”

Reb E.
“My child always has these tantrums especially at night because his sleeping pattern is somewhat messed up by frequent use of his tablet. After a week of using Kideyez™ Genie Glasses I can’t say how happy I am with the positive results”

Courtney M.
“Kideyez™ Genie Glasses are absolutely amazing. It Changed our lives.”

Kate W.
“My daughter loved the color and I loved the glasses thanks a lot”

Rhonda S.
“It fits very well. It’s great to have these glasses. It’s worth the investment!”

Laura H.
“Excellent product quality. The mail service took quite a while to arrive but it’s understandable in the pandemic situation, nonetheless it arrived within the day of estimated delivery. “

Diane P.
“I can’t explain how these glasses helped us a lot. He’s now much attentive and sleeps early during the night. Thank you Kideyez™”

Pat B.
“I received mine this afternoon, my kids love it and the quality is good and the item is a perfect fit for my 8 yrs. old daughter. And thank you also for the delivery man he is so nice…the package is in perfect shape. I highly recommend it. Thanks Kideyez™”

Vinnie L.
“hesitant to use at first.. But the colors are very catchy to the kids. good quality ?? thank you Kideyez™ Genie Glasses”

Bernice R.
“Looks cute! She loves it. It arrived earlier than usual even though it was shipped from overseas. It’s absolutely worth the wait.”

Kimberly M.
“Very nice product for kids and quality is well done”.

John C.
“Very comfortable. My son loves it so much. ??”

Jack B.
“The blue color is beautiful. my little one said she loves them and it helps Protect her eyesight While using electronics a lot.”

Serena T.
“She wears it without any telling her to anymore, and we no longer hear headache complaints. Thank you Kideyez™ Genie Glasses”

Casee L.
“Well packed and it really fits my baby perfectly. Thanks a lot!!”

Donna T.
“I bought these for my daughter when I noticed she was going to get sick if she had been on a tablet for too long. I wasn’t sure if they were going to help, but I figured I ‘d give it a try. They work awesome!! My daughter is doing fine on the tablet, and she’s not having headaches anymore. I’m very happy I found these!”

Larissa H.
“With the pandemic, we ‘re all connected to another with electronic devices, and with new distance learning expanding to the early school year, I feel better to know that my boy’s eyes will be protected. The pieces are lightweight, they forget they are wearing them, and the color is just enough to suit my taste and their differences of clothing.”

Stella W.
“Well packed. The little one super like her glasses”

Rich G.
“Worth the wait! We have tried others but Kideyez™ Genie Glasses so far was the best! So glad we found these”

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